This significant event for the aviation industry and its traditional venue are the Gelendzhik Testing and Experimental Base of Beriev Aircraft and Gelendzhik airport, on the territory of which the static parking of aircrafts is located. Hydroaviasalon is not just an international aviation exhibition, but also a scientific conference on hydroaviation.

Within the framework of the business program, a number of panel discussions were held, in particular those that touched upon the issues of experimental aviation, digitalization in the aircraft industry, and transparency of the information flow as a way to improve the efficiency of business processes for developing, debugging, assembling and repairing aviation equipment. Also discussed were topics such as the intellectualization of unmanned aerial systems, the use of amphibious and non-aerodrome aircraft, including seaplanes and ekranoplans.

Aero Technik specialists took part in a number of events and panel discussions held within the framework of the Hydroavisalon.

Aero Technik offers for delivery a wide range of equipment for the assembly and repair of various aircraft, seaplanes, including navigation and landing systems, control and test equipment.