Dear colleagues!

In just a couple of years, our company Aero Technik, went from a small European-based enterprise founded by a few aviation enthusiasts for the purpose of ultralight aircraft aerodynamics research to become a player in the aviation equipment and components supply business.

Today, Aero Technik employs many highly skilled and experienced professionals from various fields of aircraft design and technology who share a common passion for aviation.

By stressing customized approach to our client’s needs, we provide them with innovative solutions designed to adapt to the ever changing conditions of the commercial aviation supply market. The driving force behind our company’s development is to follow the wide-spread trend of the commercial airlines in the Eastern Europe as well as in Russia, and other Commonwealth countries to adapt foreign-made aircraft equipment. We have accumulated vast experience in the provision of spare parts and materials for foreign companies operating and repairing Russian-made aircraft, especially helicopters family Mi-8/17, Ka-32 and Tu-204, An-32, An-26, Il-76 aircraft. We also have ample opportunities to supply of various test equipment for the MRO centers. As part of the development program airworthiness we invite new partners, who operates and maintains these types. Sure, we can offer you the best programs for your fleet support.

We offer the wealth of our experience to promote future cooperation with our industry partners.

Georgy Dzugaev,
CEO «Aero Technik».